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Why would anyone buy a silicone baby?

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Why would anyone buy a silicone baby? Why would anyone buy a silicone baby? My daughter wants one. If they weren't so darn expensive, I would get her one. It's the baby doll because it looks like a baby! Ok, it's a little creepy as it falls into what is called the"uncanny valley" so it's just life-like enough to disturb us. When my grandmother was deep into dementia near the end of her life, she adored baby dolls, and would attempt to bottle feed them. We would have gotten her one, if those sort of dolls had been available back then. Anything for peace of mind and happiness, even marginally creepy dolls.Loneliness, need to care for a human creature. To have a friend, something to talk to who doesn't talk back. It's a therapy for people with dementia that giving them a doll baby, immediately calms them and stops them self-harming. There is no harm and a lot of therapeutic potential in these artificial creatures. Women who have lost children, can work through their grief with one of these babies. I haven't met with but these are my ideas. Buy Here This is a very subjective question. Everyone will have a different opinion on which doll is your best first doll.If you're buying for a younger kid (like 3--6 years old) I would opt for a bitty baby doll. Most little kids don't do well with the 18?American Girl dolls since they want to bring their doll everywhere and are not as gentle as older kids. If your 4-year-old drags bitty baby to the sandbox and accidentally colors it with crayon, it is easier to wash compared to the 18?dolls with a full head of hair.If you're looking for an older child or adult collector, based on the list you made, I'd recommend Tenney Grant because she is only available for a limited time. If you're looking for a first doll, I would not reccommend Tenney or Rebecca, simply because the two of them have curly hair and that can be a hassle to take care of. Pretty curly hair can become very ugly if not properly cared for. Samantha and Felicity both have great stories and are great original dolls, make-wise (Samantha was my very first doll).What really got me hooked was the books, but I was a nerdy 6 year old. If whoever you're purchasing this for isn't a reader (remember that the books are written with little children in mind and can be tough to get through on a purely"this is too cheesy" note if you didn't grow up with them) then select the doll that is the most aesthetically pleasing for them, ask them what they believe before gifting! I have 30 dolls to my name and I am purchasing two (Tenney and Logan) this Saturday for my birthday... Just to warn you in the event you're a parent or grandparent or so on. The addiction may fade in later years but it does go away! If you get the kid really hooked, it will become a drug, honestly. I have been in it for ten years and there are no signs of quitting. Some professionals consider holding and cuddling reborn dolls -- or some other doll that has a realistic sense -- may be healing to the body and/or ideas. As a newborn baby photographer, I have a few baby dolls, including a silicone one, which I use for practicing wrapping techniques that I use when posing and wrapping babies in the studio.You can see some samples of the kinds of wraps and images that I mean on my website in the photos here: bulge and newborn. I also use the baby dolls in the studio when I am showing parents how I would like them to hold their baby. I could do so with their true baby, but I find that if I could do it with a doll, it means I'm handling and touching their baby and so their baby is not as disturbed.If you are a newborn photographer searching for a similar doll then some options are the SIB (stand in baby) - that is rather expensive but made for this purpose. There's also the cotton and then there are also reborn dolls. Instead, MaryEllen is also a excellent doll. She's unique in that her doll reflects a lot of her story as she comes, without buying all her accessories and clothes.Ellie's bangs look wonky and jagged once you look at her -- that is because she cut them herself in the story. What you're seeing is the result of Ellie attempting to make herself look special and unique. --And her legs are two unique molds, one's knee cap is higher than the other as a result of Ellie with a leg from a bout of Polio she suffered at seven years old. Her doll is the first in years to so accurately reflect her story in such a way, since Kaya's closed-mouth smile to reflect her tribe's belief that an open-mouthed smile was a sign of aggression. Rebornbuy Her eyes were a shade of gray and her outfits were absolutely adorable. It was a story of learning to live with change and make do with what you had and also a narrative of approval. Molly was a realistic character for a nine to eleven year old girl to read about - a little girl whose brothers drove her batty on a daily basis, getting used to a stranger living in her home and having to consume foods she did not like so much.But as a current collector, the choice for me is harder. She's the ever-adorable Josefina mould face, her hair is short and straight (very simple for a first time doll owner to care for as opposed to Becca's curls or Tenney's hair), and she's wanting to be an astronaut, so she has the galaxy/outer space theme going on, which makes it very fun to make accessories and clothing for her. My Luciana is currently wearing a galaxy that is beautiful dress and jewelry. She's beautiful and her story is sweet also, of learning how to be a team player at space camp a story is not as deep and serious as residing in war times, but it's simple for plenty of children to relate to. What's a"reborn" silicone doll? I believe a'reborn' manufactured vinyl or silicone doll is one that is re-painted (with special paints and techniques) to appear more lifelike, and often the individual who repaints the doll will also give it'rooted' hair (real or mohair). Most often, it is baby dolls which are reborn, and are made to look like actual infants, with veining of the skin, pinking of the knees, knuckles, heels, etc., and even'drool' moistened lips. If you are looking to get one for about 9+ year olds, I'd recommend either a Lea, Blaire, Rebecca, or a Luciana, mainly because of the really great stories, and how pretty they are. But the hair can kinda tangle if your kid wishes to take it anywhere, for a 3--6 year old I urge baby, since it's mostly made from vinyl, and can get cleaned. For 6--9 yr olds, I truly recommend dolls with straight hair, or welliwishers, and your child won't frustrate . The welliwishers have hair, and their own body is made of vinyl. Straight haired dolls are easy to brush, and are still as amazing as those with curls.

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